ENERGYBeyond Crisis Management: Building Energy-Resilient Hospitality BusinessesWhen energy crises hit, the impact on hospitality businesses can be significant. Our compelling session, "Beyond Crisis Management", explores the proactive steps businesses can take to build energy resilience. Understand the role of contingency planning, energy auditing, and strategic investment in shaping a hospitality sector that's equipped to thrive in the face of energy instability.
FINANCIAL TECHFinTech Fusion: Integrating Financial Technology into Hospitality PaymentsAs financial technology or 'FinTech' continues to revolutionize transactions worldwide, its potential within the hospitality industry is vast. "FinTech Fusion" is an innovative session designed to help hospitality businesses understand and leverage the potential of FinTech. From mobile banking to AI-based analytics and blockchain, learn how integrating FinTech can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve both security and customer experience.
ESG (WEEVA)ESG Reporting in Hospitality: Demonstrating Commitment, Building Trust (Greenhushing / Greenwashing)In an era of increasing transparency, reporting on ESG initiatives is key to building trust with stakeholders. Our insightful talk, "ESG Reporting in Hospitality", provides a comprehensive guide to effective ESG reporting. Learn how to measure, track, and communicate your ESG performance in a way that resonates with your stakeholders and aligns with global reporting standards.
TRENDSHospitality Horizons: Exploring Future Trends Shaping the IndustryThe hospitality industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by changing guest preferences, technological advancements, and global events. Join us in "Hospitality Horizons", an insightful session that peers into the future, forecasting the trends that will shape the industry. From the rise of experiential travel to the integration of artificial intelligence and the demand for sustainable practices, gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of the curve. Discover how to adapt and innovate, positioning your establishment to meet the evolving needs of the modern traveller and seize opportunities in this dynamic landscape.
KEYNOTEAvoiding a Brand Crisis in 48 Hours: Mastering Crisis Management in HospitalityMike Stopforth, renowned crisis management expert and founder of Beyond Binary and 48HOURS, delivers a captivating keynote speech on "Avoiding a Brand Crisis in 48 Hours: Mastering Crisis Management in Hospitality." Drawing on his background as the co-founder of a social media crisis consultancy and his success in building Africa's leading social media agency, Mike will guide hospitality businesses through the critical initial 48 hours of a crisis. Learn how to effectively detect, assess, and respond to potential crises, ensuring timely and effective crisis management. Gain practical tips and best practices for protecting your brand reputation, mitigating damage, and emerging stronger from crisis situations.
SAFETY AND SECURITYSafeguarding Hospitality: Innovative Initiatives for Guest Safety in South AfricaThis engaging panel discussion that illuminates the forefront of guest safety. Hear from industry leaders as they share groundbreaking initiatives and strategies for keeping guests safe, addressing challenges unique to South Africa's hospitality landscape. Discover how we can collectively foster an environment of security and trust in our establishments, making South Africa a preferred destination for every traveller.
HOSPITALITY HEROINESBeyond Lip Service: How Hospitality Can Lead the Way in Diversity and InclusionA dynamic panel spotlighting the influential women driving change in the hospitality industry. Dive into the narrative of gender diversity, uncover the unsung heroines, and gain actionable insights on fostering equality in your workplace. Learn how embracing diversity can spark innovation, enhance employee satisfaction, and drive business growth, making hospitality a more vibrant, inclusive space for all.